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  • The Barnes & Noble Blog has profiled Stacy in their "Authors You Need to Read" series. (April 22)


  • Stacy is currently at work on her next book, which focuses on the Salem Witch Trials in early colonial Massachusetts. More news on this later!


  • Cleopatra: A Life will debut at #3 on the New York Times paperback nonfiction list and at #2 on the IndieBound nonfiction list.
  • The paperback edition of Cleopatra: A Life is now available! Hachette Books asked some people on the streets of New York what they thought of Cleopatra...


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  • Reading #TheWitches by @stacyschiff I can help but notice the similarities to #GilmoreGirls' Stars Hollow...

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  • A little light reading to take my mind off current events. This book is fantastic. @stacyschiff

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